International congress and workshop

Dry stone technique to world heritage


The congress and workshop titled Dry stone technique to world heritage will bring together experts and professionals in the dry stone building technique in the town of Deià, Majorca.

They will seek to make a contribution to the candidature jointly presented by Greece, Cyprus, France, Italy, Spain, Switzerland, Croatia and Slovenia to enable the dry stone technique to be acknowledged as intangible world heritage by UNESCO, in such a way that the measures needed for its protection, conservation and popularization can be debated.

The congress and workshop will be held in Majorca because the island applies a refined technique to the trade, because an enormous amount of work with it is performed in such a small territory and because the Serra de Tramuntana mountain range has world heritage status within the category of cultural landscapes designed and intentionally created by man.
And, most of all, because it has conserved the trade of waller into the 21st century. A decisive contribution to the above has been made by the Escola de Margers (Wallers’ School), created by Majorca Insular Council, a key element in preventing a generational break in the trade, whereby many new wallers have been trained in basic skills passed on by master craftsmen who have accumulated their knowledge through the transmission of experience over the centuries. We can find dry stone heritage all over the world, from Machu Pichu to the Ishigaki in Japan, from Africa to China and throughout the Euro-Mediterranean area.

01 / Workshop: The Majorcan dry stone building technique

The workshop is conceived as an intensive course to popularize the waller’s trade and the Majorcan dry stone building technique in Deià (Can Corraca), a privileged setting in the Serra de Tramuntana.

The workshop seeks to bring together professionals and other people interested in the dry stone building technique and to provide a meeting point to showcase this traditional Majorcan skill, to enrich the professionals with knowledge of the traditional methods of the participating countries, to highlight the waller’s trade and to jointly contribute to enhancing the Can Corraca estate and the surrounding area.+

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02 / Congress: The dry-stone building technique, on the way to UNESCO world heritage status

The congress is divided into four thematic areas related to the UNESCO candidature. The first section will feature the dry stone heritage of the Balearic Islands and the dossiers submitted by the Spanish autonomous communities which form part of the candidature, as well as the heritage of the eight States comprising it. The other three areas will deal with measures to provide preservation assurances for the candidature, such as the essential professional certification of the trade, the ways in which the public administrations can promote its protection and the circulation of good practices.

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