Day 01 / 26/10/2017


  • 19:00 / Inaugural lecture

    Michael Atwood Mason, Director of the Smithsonian Center for Folklife and Cultural Heritage (Smithsonian Institution), Washington. Representatives of the institutions.
  • 20:30 / A tasting of Mallorcan gastronomy and a txalaparta musical show

    Gorka Salas, Tes Muñoz and Lluc Mas


  • 09.30 / The trade of the marger in Mallorca. From its origins to its recovery

    Antoni Reynés, Coordinator of ethnological heritage, Departament de Medi Ambient (Consell de Mallorca)
  • 10.00 / The Dry stone Walling Association of Great Britain Craftsman Certification Scheme

    Andrew Loudon, Chief Examiner and Coordinator of Craft Skills of the Dry-Stone Walling Association, UK
  • 10.30 / The professional certification of dry-stone builders in France

    Paul Arnault, President of the French Federation of Dry Stone Professionals - FFPPS
  • 11.00 / Break

  • 11.30 / The role of the Charter of the Artisan Master

    Paula Ginard, Director of Tourism of the Balearic Islands (Consell de Mallorca)
  • 12.00 / Towards a professional qualification of margers

    Maria F. Alorda Vilarubias, Director General of Vocational Training and Education of the Department of Education and Universities (Government of the Balearic Islands)
  • 12.15 / Presentation of the Working Group and Round table with speakers

    Llorenç Pou, general director of Employment and Economy (Employment Service of the Balearic Islands, Govern de les Illes Balears), Joan Somavilla Molina (INCUAL Ministerio de Educación, Cultura y Deporte), Guillem Palou (Gremi de Margers de Mallorca)
  • 13.30-15.00 / Lunch

  • 15.00 / Correct technique for building major dry stone Structures

    Richard Tufnell, Vice President of the Dry Stone Wall Association
  • 15.30 / Manual of good practices in France

    Claire Cornu, French Federation of Dry Stone Professionals - FFPPS
  • 16.00 / Scientific research in the service of dry-stone in France

    Eric Vincens, Professor at University of Lyon - École Centrale de Lyon and administrator of French Federation of Dry Stone Professionals - FFPPS
  • 16.30 / Break

  • 17.00 / Good practices to guarantee the future of a cultural heritage and a unique trade

    Lluc Mir, President of the Gremi de Margers de Mallorca
  • 17.30 / Marges and Mariners in the Valencian Central Counties: history and current situation

    Casimir Romero, Valencian marger
  • 17.45 / The process of the protection of the dry stone technique in Menorca

    Cristina Rita, Chief of the Historical Heritage Service, Consell de Menorca and Joana Gual, technician of the Historical Heritage Service of the Insular Council of Menorca
  • 18.00 / Round table

    Biel Ordinas (Technician for the Patrimony of the Consell de Mallorca) and representatives of the Department of Road Transport of the Consell de Mallorca and Guillem Rosselló, manager of FOGAIBA, and the Local Ministry of Environment, Agriculture and Fisheries of the Government of the Balearic Islands


  • 9.30 / Remote sensing and land modeling of the territory

    Joan Bauzá, Geographer
  • 09.45 / The The dry stone in Menorca. Actions for a culture

    Alberto Coll Arredondo, Treasurer and former president of SHA Martí i Bella
  • 10.00 / From the culture of stone to the humanized landscape: Líthica and Punta Nati

    Anna Bagur, chief of the Commission of the Fundació Líthica-Pedreres de s'Hostal
  • 10.15 / The space devoted to dry-stone in Líthica

    Federica Mahieu, paredadora in Menorca
  • 11.00 / Break

  • 11.30 / The declaration of the technique as intangible cultural heritage by the Unesco

    Joan Reguant, Coordinator of the dossier of the Candidature
  • 12.00 / Serra de Tramuntana, World Heritage. The role of dry-stone walling in its assessment and declaration as World Heritage

    Miquel Vadell, Head of the Department of Territory and Infrastructures of the Consell de Mallorca
  • 12.30 / The proposal of a European cultural itinerary for dry-stone walling

    Sandra Espeja, head of the Department of Environment of the Consell de Mallorca
  • 13.30-15.00 / Lunch

  • 15.00 / Presentation of "The trade, our heritage" dedicated to the figure of the margers teachers of long trajectory

  • 15.30 / Recognition of Merits by the Gremi de Margers de Mallorca

  • 16.30 / Reading of the "Declaration of Mallorca". Decalogue of good practices for preserving the world heritage of dry stone walling technique

  • 17.00 / Closing conference

    Jordi Bonet, architect emeritus of the Sagrada Familia (Barcelona)


  • 9.00 AM / Guided tour of the dry stone heritage of the Serra de Tramuntana